I know I am ‘Out of Africa’, but let me go back quickly: Capture the Colour

Sorry to change it up on you, but Lauren over at Lateral Movement (“Get a life, not a job.” – love it) was so kind as to nominate me for Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour photo-blog contest. I am by no means a true photographer, but it is a hobby I would like to develop in the future. I planned to share a few Korea pictures with you, but as I sifted through old photos I was struck by the pops of color in my Kenya albums. I spent a semester in Kenya with Saint Lawrence University during my senior year of college. My five months in Kenya left me with the ‘travel-itch’ and I can thank Africa for the confidence and curiosity necessary to embark on a year in Korea. Thanks Travel Supermaket for nudging me to look back and remind me why I fell in love with Kenya.

Here we go…

RED: We spent almost 2 weeks in and around the Amboseli National Park where we lived at the Maasai Study Center at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The trip was incredible – we really got to see how the Maasai live – and it wasn’t a tourist experience at all. For our home-stay experience my friend and I stayed with James (38), his wife Grace (22) and their four girls. We followed his wife around for 2 days doing all the things that a ‘real’ Maasai woman does. The men just sit around! We collected wood one afternoon – which involved climbing all over hills and through brush collecting sticks that had thorns all over them. We strapped all the wood into a bunch and hung it over our backs by holding the bundle with a string attached to our head like a head-band. We also cut lots of veggies, washed dishes, helped Grace cook, collected water from a nearby stream, watched the goats and smeared the house with cow dung. Although they work endlessly to provide for their family and have little time to relax, the women seemed happiest sitting in a small patch of grass in the village making brightly colored and intricately designed jewelry.

WHITE: I hardly felt clean while I was living with the Maasai. My friend and I slept in a hut with a family of goats and we were lucky enough to be chosen for the task of smearing the hut with wet cow dung to cover any new cracks or uneven spots. Although I felt less than fresh for the weekend visit, the young girls chasing each other around the village each morning wore clean and bright white dresses. The color was quite a contrast against the backdrop of brown mountains, fields and homes.

BLUE: One morning in Amboseli we walked to school with local children who have to wake up at 4am and walk many miles to school to start at 7:30am. It was rough rising so early, but I learned so much walking with the kids to school and then talking to more of them once we got there. Later that day we played soccer with them – they had their best players play against us – so naturally they won. The sea of blue school uniforms chased us when we left later that day in our trucks.

YELLOW: While in Amboseli we were lucky enough to safari a handful of times. The colors were magnificent and many of the animals blend seamlessly into the yellow, dry landscape.

GREEN: Traveling from the dry savannah to the lush coast of Kenya brought about quite a change in scenery. After our Amboseli trip we ventured to the coastal city of Mombasa. We stayed in a waterfront house surrounded by plant-life on Diani Beach. Each night we were lulled to sleep by the ocean waves and the howls of monkeys swinging from branch to branch outside.

I nominate the following bloggers to share some colorful photos:

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5 responses to “I know I am ‘Out of Africa’, but let me go back quickly: Capture the Colour

  1. Meserve, Roseann

    Hi this is sooo good….printing it out in color to bring to Grandpa….he will be carrying this around in his shirt pocket where ever he goes. He like the last one showing the groceries.!!! Hugs -Rose

  2. Kathleen Kelley

    How awesome the first one is _ iwill enjoy them pics when have free wifi at the pub!! keep up the good work!!

  3. I just caught up on your blog. And love this concept. Your pictures are beautiful! I will definitely take you up on this challenge.

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