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So first of all…I apologize for my tardy first official blog post IN KOREA! I made it through training week (phewww!) & I am now settling into my apartment/teaching…and I finally have internet!

It has been a crazy few weeks since my last post. I learned on Tuesday 2/14 I would have to apply/collect my visa before Friday 2/17, catch a 6am flight in Boston –> NYC –> Seoul on Saturday 2/18, arrive in Seoul 6pm (Seoul time) on Sunday 2/19, and then start training (medical exams & teaching exams) at 8am Monday 2/20…and I thought I was leaving AT LEAST a week later. Oh boy. I rushed through my last few days at home packing, completing my lingering to-do list, and of course saying goodbye to many friends & family! Thanks for making the time to see me on such short notice!! xoxox all

I didn’t really have much time to get nervous…I had so much to do! I don’t want to drag on…but I made it to Seoul! The trip was surprisingly straight forward. My heavy baggage was a struggle, but I managed. Chungdahm (the company I am working for) was great with explaining the entire travel process….I felt like I was following a scavenger hunt map. Ex. 1) Make your way through customs 2) Find a bus at 4b that is black and red 3) Exit the bus and find a cab that looks like –> a drawing . . . it was so simple!! I made it to the hotel and was about to crash when a few fellow trainees invited me to dinner. Why not? We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant and although I usually do not eat meat I found myself consuming crispy pork stuffed into lettuce leaves. I quickly realized that I will have to be more adventurous with eating here – Koreans love their bbq meat!

Training week was intense – but I believe that it did help prepare me for my first day of teaching. I am teaching young students. Some of my classes know little English and others can read at a 2nd or 3rd grade level. My school recently implemented the young student program, April English, they used to just cater to older students.

I hope to use this blog to post various thoughts/loves/frustrations/adventures etc. of my new life in Korea. I am not sure where I want it to go but I know I don’t want to neglect it! We will see what happens

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Be well.

Goodbye (ahn-nyong-i kah-se-yo)


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